Clinical Study Details

Clinical trial studies are carefully designed statistical studies. Dr. Jeremy Goldbach from the Community Advocacy Research & Evaluation (C.A.R.E.) is an independent reviewer who provides oversight to the study and ensures the best interests of all participants:

  • Protecting the child’s rights and welfare.
  • Ensuring they are not exposed to unnecessary risks.
  • Independent monitoring of the results of the study.


Clinical Study Team

Clinical Study Principal: Thomas Griner.
Thomas was an engineering technician at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in NASA before his interest in neurophysiology led him to post graduate studies and research in how muscles develop chronic spasticity. His years of research and clinical practice culminated in a scientifically-based treatment and a list of reflex centers for various disorders.

Research Coordinator: Jordan Osborn.
Jordan is the proprietor of Restore, a treatment center for KANON where the clinical trials will be located. Jordan is the point of contact for general questions and participant eligibility.



  • This is a neurophysiological stimulation. Therefore, NO additional medications will be involved.
  • There are no placebos or blind studies.
  • There will be no blood drawn (no needles).
  • A percussion device called a Biopulser® will be used in the treatments (see more in the overview section).



  • Qualified participants will receive treatments by the developer of KANON – Thomas Griner, at no cost.


Study Duration & Location

  • Treatments are either every week or every other week, for the duration.
  • Seven total office visits.
  • Treatment location is Santa Monica, California.


Follow Up

  • Two 6-month follow-ups (6 months and 1 year) after the day of the last treatment.
  • This allows us to monitor the long-term benefits.
  • The Health Questionnaire would be filled out the same way it had been completed during treatments.


Participation and Care

  • You will not be required to change anything about the current medication protocol prescribed by your doctor.
  • Your child will continue to be under the care of your doctor.
  • Each participant shall be required to fill out a health questionnaire developed by Dr. Jeremy Goldbach before every treatment as well as for the two follow-up times at six months and one year.


Are there side effects?

The treatment is non-invasive and does not use electrical stimulation, medication, needles, or radiation. Although the treatment itself is not painful, there may be some sensitivity and slight swelling for a few days due to the release of lactic acid in the body when the muscles start to relax. This sensitivity can be minimized by walking after the treatment to promote circulation.


Qualifications to participate

Below you will find a series of questions. This will help to determine if you or your child  qualify to participate in this study.

  • If you or your child is between 6– 25 years of age. (If you are older or younger than specified ages, please still inquire)
  • You or your child has been diagnosed with asthma for at least one (1) or more years.
  • You or your child is currently being treated by your doctor for asthma.

If your child qualifies, please contact us as space is limited.


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